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EXID by Verbrugge-Janssens, a new generation of highly effective scarecrows

Does a scarecrow still bring up images of a ragdoll scaring away birds in the middle of a field? Then you’ve probably got a serious bird problem, because that’s the least effective way to keep your crop safe.

Verbrugge-Janssens develops the unique EXID-scarecrow, a brand new and efficient system to spook away birds – perfectly fit for the modern farmer or horticulturist.

EXID is an innovative high-tech canon with a piezo-electric ignition mechanism. These canons are the most effective scarecrow you’ll ever see. With targeted and loud bangs you’ll repel birds in the wink of an eye. This way, you can protect your fields or orchards automatically – with no risk of crop, fruit or seed loss.

Looking for a scarecrow that actually works?
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